Such a talented lady. My life really is starting again

I had quite a few issues over a period of years, tried tablets, then tried therapy, sadly nothing quite hit the button. After a particularly bad meltdown i decided i had to really sort this problem out, but unsure what to do. so i decided to try therapy once again, best decision i ever made. Alison was fantastic, put me at ease straight away, no pressure to find the problem, just lots of help and advice, and also a few laughs. With her gentle way of things, we soon found the root of my problem, and as i had buried it away for years and never really gave it any thought, it came as a surprise to me to find that really the answer was never far away, but it needed some one as skilled as Alison to help me open up and not be afraid of the past. The future is a lot brighter now, as my thoughts are much more positive about myself. I really can not thank Alison enough for her help and advice in helping me find a way forward, such a talented lady. Thank you so much Alison.
- David Soper

Great assistance in finding coping mechanisms

Anxiety and panic attacks mainly based on the concept of long distance travel, namely plane and car journeys. I was encouraged by a workmate to try hypnotherapy so felt positive about the sessions. As a result, I have been assisted in understanding potential reasoning behind the feelings of anxiety, and most of all learned an all-important mechanism to deal with feelings of anxiety. I have since been on multiple flights and long journeys and dealt with the anxiety quickly whenever I’ve needed to, enabling me to enjoy my experiences rather than fear them. This is hugely beneficial to my personal career development, and carried over to my private life.
- Dan Selby

An amazing human being

Before I made the decision to see Alison, my life was in turmoil. A 35 year old man who’s life had caught up with him, failed relationships, an abusive father and a career I really disliked. I made the decision to see a therapist and I couldn’t of asked for someone better. I was sceptical about Therapist’s but how wrong I was! After my first session with Alison I left feeling amazing and looked forward to going back every time. For the first time in my life I sat and spoke about every issue in my life and it’s without a doubt the best decision I ever made. Alison is a truly selfless person and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to become the person I am today.
- Steve Barry