I can’t thank Alison enough

My daughter H, was 11 and in her first year of secondary school when she developed OCD and anxiety. H’s compulsions were all consuming and affected every aspect of her life. The tears, the ritual washing of hands and belongings, the fear that everything was contaminated in some way…. I can’t describe how awful it feels to see your child so distressed. Our referral to CAHMS was taking too long, so we decided to look for a private counsellor. We are so grateful to have found Alison. Alison is such a warm, friendly and kind person, H immediately liked and trusted her. H found Alison extremely easy to talk to looked forward to her sessions. Thanks to Alison, the OCD and anxiety is under control and H has been given the tools and knowledge to help her stay on top of it all. I can’t thank Alison enough for everything she has done for H. Alison, you are amazing. Thank you!
- Dawn

Living for me

I was at a stage in my life where I was trapped by my life, family, work and my failing relationship. I was constantly angry with myself, the situation I was in and how everything seemed to be my fault. My sessions came about when my boyfriend told me I needed help and how I had anxiety as I never wanted to do anything. At this point I started the sessions for him, to keep him happy!!! I've learnt alot from my sessions "I was a people pleaser" I was keeping everyone around me happy... I basically served all close to me but this was never returned. I am now single and moving forward. On my bad days I practice Mindfulness, I keep a dairy and concentrate on the positives and take time out for me... which was so hard as I had never put myself first or told myself to stop and breath. It all sounds so simple on paper but I was not doing the simple things. Now and in the furture I take my life one day at a time, some days are hour by hour. I plan little trips away to recharge my soul and I have become a "me person". I have my responsibilities.... my son and his needs, home life and work but this isn't just what I'm about....I am Rachel and I am living for me and breathing.
- Rachel Jones


I went to see Alison as a shell of the human being that I used to be, I was struggling with anxiety, lack of motivation and extreme overthinking/analysing. Alison gave me all of the tools that I needed to get myself back to the person I knew I could be. After 6 sessions I had everything that I needed to continue with my life, the problems don’t affect me anymore and if they do I know exactly what to do to fix them. Thank you so much Alison!
- Sydney