An amazing human being

Before I made the decision to see Alison, my life was in turmoil. A 35 year old man who’s life had caught up with him, failed relationships, an abusive father and a career I really disliked. I made the decision to see a therapist and I couldn’t of asked for someone better. I was sceptical about Therapist’s but how wrong I was! After my first session with Alison I left feeling amazing and looked forward to going back every time. For the first time in my life I sat and spoke about every issue in my life and it’s without a doubt the best decision I ever made. Alison is a truly selfless person and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to become the person I am today.
- Steve Barry

Highly recommend

Before I started sessions with Alison I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed, with a recent break-up, a new home, a new career path and feeling very distanced from my family. I am really glad with my decision to invest in treatment sessions - this has been the second lot of counselling I have done, and I think it's something that everyone could benefit from! Speaking with Alison has helped me to better understand and address my problems, she has such a kind soul and has been a support for me when I've felt like I've not had anyone else, and when even I've been putting myself down, often giving me encouragement, empathy and the ability to see my situation from different perspectives. I am pleased to say, through time, conversations and re-connecting, I now have a much better relationship with my family and I am moving onto the next stage of my career with confidence. I have learnt that issues in life are surmountable, sometimes with a little outside help, and that things that I worry about often do not come to pass. In the future I hope that this will help me to stay grounded when new challenges come up! Thanks Alison <3
- Alice R

Can’t recommend enough.

I can’t thank Alison enough for all the support and guidance she gave me through a turbulent time in my life. I was struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem and couldn’t open up to many people but through having the sessions I learnt different ways to help myself through times where it was tough like writing in a journal and reminding myself that it’s ok to ask for help. Alison is very caring and makes you feel at ease during each session, she’s easy to talk to and on both occasions I’ve had sessions with her I’ve come away feeling more confident that I can tackle things on my own. Highly recommended.
- Georgie