I offer a free 30 minute initial assessment. This is not a counselling session but an opportunity to meet and decide if working together is the way forward for you.

Current session fees are £50 for a 50 minute session and should be paid before or at the session via cash or bank transfer. If your fees are being paid by private medical insurance the sessions are normally invoiced directly to the insurance provider, and I offer a 10% discount on a block of 6 sessions if booked and paid for together.

I am registered as a provider with Aviva, Bupa and Cigna Health Insurers. Insurance payments do need to be verified with your provider prior to assessment to ensure that treatment is covered and whether there are limits as to the amount of sessions that you are able to claim, and I will need a claim code from your insurer prior to booking an assessment appointment. Your insurance policy may also include an annual excess for which you are liable.


Your fee will not increase during the whole time you’re attending counselling with me. The fee we agree upon when we start our work will not change for the entire time we work together*

Whether we work for a handful of sessions, or for several years, the weekly fee you pay will remain the same as when we began.

* During our work should we agree for you to pay a lower fee (i.e., sliding scale / a fee you can responsibly afford) the fee you pay will be based upon your income and expenses. So, when your circumstances change (e.g., you gain a larger income, or your expenses change) then your fee will change to reflect this fairly. Similarly, if you have a temporary reduction in income and we agree a temporary reduction in counselling fees, your fee will resume at the normal rate when your income does. This is to ensure that you are always paying what you can afford responsibly.

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