Individual Counselling

Being self-aware and having the capability to think and feel emotions with clarity and understanding is part and parcel of being human. Unlike animals, our thought processes rely on far more than instinct alone. Because of this, there is scope for the way we think to become a problem and to affect our emotions.

Today, the art of talking therapies such as counselling, are used to help people come to terms with many problems they are facing, with an ultimate aim of overcoming them.

Integrative counselling is based on the belief that you are the expert in your own life, and through counselling you can explore and grow in knowledge and understanding of your own experiences and situation. It is not wedded to one particular theory, instead believing that different methods and interventions work for different people.

I use a variety of techniques to suit the client’s individual needs. Including: Humanistic, Compassion Focussed, Person Centred and Psychodynamic approaches. I also draw on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques.

The link below is a ‘Therapy Personalisation Form’ which enables you as a client to communicate what kind of therapy you have preferences for to me, and equally for me to discuss with you about how I might work with you to fit these preferences.

I work differently with all my clients so this is a way of finding out how best I can help you with your needs.

It might be useful to complete the form before you first meet me and use the points as a guide in discussing what you are seeking from therapy to help work out whether I would be the right counsellor for you.